Event/On-site Calligraphy

If you are considering a live art experience for your event or brand activation, my on-site calligraphy service can help take it to the next level.

Your guests can have names or custom quotes handwritten on branded notecards or products, live at the site of your event. Providing personalisation for your guests or customers makes your event truly memorable and creates buzz around your brand, be it word-of-mouth or on social media.

What I can do for you and your guests:

  • Name/quote customisation on brand products or gift boxes
  • Custom calligraphy invitations
  • Place cards for event use/decor
  • Mirror branding (see below for more)

Mirror Branding

Calligraphy or lettering on a mirror is a unique way to ensure a personalised experience for your event guests.

I was approached to brand a mirror for Superself., a wellness retreat held at Norwich’s Erpingham House and guest attended by Carly Rowena, fitness expert and personal trainer.

The concept behind the personalisation was simple: Positive quotes were handwritten onto the mirror, allowing guests to photograph themselves in it as a reminder of self-love and care.

Quotes from the mirror were also handwritten on mirror cardstock as keepsakes for guests, keeping in line with the event theme.

I am available to letter on mirrors (both on-site and off-site) according to your event requirements. Mirrors must be supplied by the client.



Photo credit (first two images): Matyáš Paul